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Fiio X1 – The New Benchmark In low Cost DAPs

Fiiox1 featcontent.jpg With the new Fiio X1, for $100 + the price of a micro SD card, you get an incredibly well built and stylish DAP, which sounds extremely good, is very well sized for portability, has a really good UI, and has power to burn – at least enough for any IEM and most portable headphones. Add Fiio’s E11K amp for another $60 and you have a portable solution that’ll drive most mid-fi headphones out there (at least up to 300 ohms). What’s more, the X1 has no right sounding as good as it does at this value point. Fiio has (like they did with the X5) set a new bar for cost / performance ratio on a budget.

The X1 is not just for the beginner though – it’s for everyone. Read more...

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