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About the platform and communities

Founded in 2007, the Huddler technology platform powers some of the most knowledgeable and passionate communities online. From audiophiles and golfers, to moms and fashionistos, there are over 30 million enthusiasts visiting these product communities every month with more than 5 million ongoing conversations among users. Across Huddler sites, users ask and answer questions, share product reviews, collaborate on articles, and generally thrive on being able to share their passion with one another and the digital world at large.

Wikia acquisition

Wikia, the social universe of fandom and the ultimate source for powerful and relevant expertise in pop culture, entertainment and games, acquired Huddler in May 2014. In a universe of increasingly ubiquitous social media and user-generated content, Wikia stands apart in its heritage as a collaborative, trusted authority of fan-authored pop culture chronicles. The addition of Huddler’s technology, audience and team further accelerates Wikia’s momentum with enhancements to its core experience for fans and marketing partners alike.

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